E102. Partial Shade and Co-Lab Projects Presents: A Pit Fire

Sterling Allen, Jesse Cline, Ryan Crowley, Alex Diamond, Connor Frew, Ron Geibel, Ryan Hawk, Merideth Hillbrand, Annie May Johnson, Zoe Koke, Ling-Lin Ku, Emily Lee, Gabo Martini, Bucky Miller, Rebecca Milton, Virginia Lee Montgomery, Michael Muelhaupt, Landon O’Brian, Scott Proctor, Tammie Rubin, Henry Smith, Rachael Starbuck, Shanie Tomassini

Nov 16 & 17, 11am – 6pm  /  Demonstration

Join us during the first weekend as we fire ceramic pieces. Partial Shade is organized by Rachael Starbuck, Michael Muelhaupt, and Jesse Cline.

5419 Glissman Rd

(512) 300-8217  /  /  /  Instagram  /  Facebook  /  Twitter

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