515. smasHouse design

Furniture, lighting, found objects

SmasHouse design takes re-purposed materials and revitalizes them to create innovative décor, fittings, lighting fixtures, custom furniture, and accessories. We provides eye-catching and complimentary looks for luxury spaces, homes, studios, offices and restaurants. Find exclusive lighting fixtures, custom furniture, paintings, tiny homes and portable work spaces. Make your interior space a smasHouse retreat with innovative craftsmanship and décor.

1401 Canterbury St, B

(512) 656-0653  /  smashousedesign@gmail.com


Image 1

Talbot 1923, 2018, Metal, 20 x 8 x 7in

Image 2

Ford Mack, 2018, Metal, 18 x 76 x 6in

Image 3

Blue Head Bed, 2018, Wood, 48x72x4