508. Yoyo Pong

Art 84



Yoyo Pong's imagery explores narratives of sacred into the life-like rendering of human and animal faces that she developed through acrylics combined with pastels. She works toward developing her unique depth maps rendering style, which utilizes repeating contour lines reminiscent of ripples, colors tones or pointillism patterns combined with computer graphics.

84 Waller St

elliahkhan@gmail.com  /  behance.net/yoyo-pong


Image 1

Blue Man, 2017, Acrylic, 30 x 30in

Image 2

Red Bonnet, 2018, Acrylics, 36 x 24 x 0.78

Image 3

Nona Stella, 2018, Acrylics, 30 x 24 x 0.78

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