504. Luna Davis

Art 84

Digital camera, Photoshop


The definitions and interpretations of space are countless. I am fascinated by how little humanity knows about space. While I try not to limit my work to a single subject, I find it important to explore these inspirations from space. I've allowed myself to explore the influences of this unknown space on environmental issues, spirituality, and my own personal experiences.

84 Waller St

(512) 574-1670  /  lunadavis20@gmail.com  /  Instagram


Image 1

High Priestess, 2017, Photoshop, photograph, 11 x 17in

Image 2

No! Dumping, 2017, Photoshop and photography printed on art paper, 11 x 17in

Image 3

A Celestial Retreat, 2019, photoshop and photography printed on artist paper, 12 x 17

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