499. Deb Soromenho  /  Guest of Jennifer Conroy

Ink, watercolor, wood, acrylic


Mandala inspired art. I create art for the curious, the explorers, and the seekers of unique! My art is for those who are inspired by the natural world, who are obsessed with things of curiosity and fantasy and magic, who are moved by things of woodlands & deserts & oceans, who are captivated by mystical spaces & far off places.

1304 Willow St

(301) 828-7042  /  soromenho.deb@gmail.com  /  debsoromenho.com  /  Instagram  /  Facebook  /  Twitter


Image 1

Luna, 2019, Watercolor, digital print, 12 x 12in

Image 2

Zen Garden, 2018, Digital, 12 x 12in

Image 3

Horned Owl, 2018, digital, 11x14

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