489. Tashi Cowen  /  Guest of Melinda Joy Rothouse

Canvas, photos, matte finish


Miksang' is a Tibetan word that means 'good eye'. With the good eye opened, everything is art, everyone is the muse, everyone is the Beloved. I create Miksang Triptychs, based on various themes, such as color, texture, impermanence - the imagination takes hold here. What do my eyes see? Open sky, senses abound Flash of Perception Tashi

1609 Willow St

(830) 481-6541  /  miksangmoments@gmail.com  /  tashipics.com  /  Instagram  /  Facebook


Image 1

PINK PAYBACK (triptych), 2018, Photograph, 8 x 8in

Image 2

KILLER THOUGHTS, 2019, Contemplative photography triptych, 8 x 8in

Image 3

GRANDMA'S FUTURE, 2018, Contemplative Photography Triptych, 8x8

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