468. Barry S George

Steel, found objects, wood, glass


I participated in the original EAST and have been part of all but a couple in its near 20 years. I am a sculptor in steel, regularly incorporating found objects and using blacksmithing techniques to alter and shape my forms. I often sculpt human, bird and other animal forms and regularly make social commentary in my creations.

204 Attayac S

(512) 775-7301  /  bgeo888@gmail.com

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Image 1

Free Your Mind, 2016, Forged steel, found objects, 16 x 6 x 8”

Image 2

F#@K War!, 2019, Forged steel, found objects, 16 x 10 x 9”

Image 3

Airhead....,#45, 2019, forged steel and found objects, 26x8x7in

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