462. Taylor & Fishman

ARRIVE East Austin

Video, prints, sculpture, interactive, doors


Doors, behind which, prizes wait. Doors to Heaven that are knocked upon. Doors that portend death. Last left doors and doors that are next. Trapped doors, and freely swinging doors. Doors which only love can open. Back doors and front doors and the identity they confer. So nice, you'll knock twice. Who can it be now?

Co-commissioned by Big Medium and Fusebox Festival.

1813 E 6th St

(512) 468-9174  /  fishbucks@gmail.com  /  stephalfish.com  /  Instagram  /  Facebook


Image 1

Minicorn Uniplaza, 2018, Motorized video sculpture, 36 x 72 x 48in

Image 2

Aimee, 2019, Photographic print, 20 x 20in

Image 3

The Great Bagel Chase2019video1920 pixels x 1080 pixelsTaylorAndFishman.jpgArriveHotel.jpg3