452. Emily Spykman  /  Guest of Christopher Taylor Timberlake

Recycled metals, sustainably sourced stones


I am a jewelry artist who gravitates towards reflecting my environment through my art. The high desert landscape and plants have been particularly inspirational in my recent work since moving from Austin to Santa Fe, NM a year ago. It gives me great joy to bring these pieces and a piece of the desert with me back to Austin.

2308 E Cesar Chavez St, B

(603) 801-5732  /  studio@clementineco.com  /  clementineco.com  /  Instagram  /  Facebook


Image 1

Mesa Ring and Bangle, 2019, Bronze, green tourmaline, 3 x 3in

Image 2

Cerrillos Mesa Earring, 2019, Bronze, sterling, cerrillos, NM turquoise, .5 x 2.5in

Image 3

Nopalitos Climbers Earrings, 2019, Silver, .25 x 1.5in

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