451. Christopher Taylor Timberlake

Precious metals, meteorites, gemstones, minerals


I'm inspired by the patterns and textures resulting from the disintegration and formation of matter caused by natural forces, especially erosion and gravity. The ethical sourcing of the stones and metals used in my work is of utmost importance to me; all gems are cut or carved by me.

2308 E Cesar Chavez St, B

(512) 674-1607  /  info@cttjewelry.com  /  cttjewelry.com  /  Instagram  /  Facebook  /  Twitter


Image 1

Mokume Gane Montana Sapphire Moonstone Ring, 2018, Silver, 18K yellow gold, sapphire, moonstone, .75 x .25 x .75in

Image 2

Radiant Pink Mokume Montana Sapphire Ring, 2018, Silver, 14kt rose gold, sapphire, .75 x .25 x .75in

Image 3

Fine Octagon Black Opal Meteorite Necklace, 2018, meteorite, 22kt yellow gold, 14kt yellow gold, black opal, 8in x 5in x .3in

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