440. Maggie DeSart

Soma Vida Gallery

Thread, fabrics, raw materials


I work by mindfully considering each stitch and thread. I use hand dyed threads and fabrics, vintage and found textiles, and new mediums. By constantly striving to create in different ways with my art, my goal is to make something not only visually pleasing, but show that embroidery can move from just a woman's craft into a modern textile art.

2324 E Cesar Chavez St

(408) 497-7785  /  maggiedesart@gmail.com  /  desartstudios.com/art/fiber-arts  /  Instagram  /  Facebook


Image 1

Veiled Lady (Phallus indusiatus), 2019, Cotton thread, raw wool, silk on linen fabric, 10 x 10 x 2in

Image 2

Winecup (Callirhoe involucrata), 2018, Cotton thread on cotton fabric, 8 x 8 x .25in

Image 3

Alguien esta escuchando?, 2019, cotton thread on cotton fabric, metal wire, repurposed wallpaper, 10x10x2in

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