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Gourds, pine needles, cactus, stones


Texture, shape, color, and design, whether contemporary or traditional, inspire my creativity. Gourds with their vast variety of shapes, large and small, have become the canvas for my impassioned mixed-media expression of natural beauty working harmoniously with contemporary elements.

2235 E 6th St, #102

(512) 203-1190  /  jillbasket@gmail.com  /  artmyway.biz


Image 1

Rocky Mountain Gourd, 2019, Large bushel gourd, abstract wood grain carving, alcohol ink painting, cloisonne, pine needles, waxed linen, Tibetan agate beads, turquoise magnesite beads, juniper handle, 11.5 x 15in

Image 2

Cholla Treasure Gourd, 2019, Ink-painted gourd, carved cholla filigree, natural chrysocolla gem stone, 19.5 x 10.5in

Image 3

Chasing Dreams, 2019, Ink-painted gourd, prickly pear cactus fiber, coral carving,wood burning, carved and copper patina wave, red African pietersite stone, 11inh x 11.5indiameter

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