419. Thomas Athey

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Inkjet on paper and canvas


These days I see myself as kind of a mad scientist, tinkering with JPEGs instead of DNA, assembling loosely-related sets of images and running controlled experiments to synthesize new artifacts from those sets. My inner nerd enjoys the technical aspects of this process, the challenge of creating complex systems to manage large amounts of image content and the associated metadata.

2235 E 6th St, #102

(512) 851-7890  /  tathey@swbell.net  /  the-memeplex.com /  Facebook


Image 1

platea es vultus, 2019, Inkjet print on paper, 20 x 20in

Image 2

Faciem Multiplicatio, 2019, Inkjet print on paper, 16 x 30in

Image 3

Angulus Sub Aqua, 2019, inkjet print on paper, 20 x 20

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