415. Digital Genesis

Casey Alfstad, Ender Martos

Light projections, monofilament, plexiglass, clay, aluminum

Waking up to see the light, warm skins, the only thing that is constant is beginnings, the only thing that is necessary is play. We experience together, to change together.' Dual Show and collaborative installation between Venezuelan optical color artist Ender Martos & feminist video mapping sculptor Casey Alfstad (free verbs).

2803 E 5th St

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Image 1

Chromatic Passage of Light, 2018, Monofilament, interior paint, aluminum, plexiglass rods, 8 x 9 x 30in

Image 2

in-studio process shots, 2019, Monofilament and acrylic, clay, light projection, 28 x 109 x 4.5in

Image 3

Portals (temporary and permanent installation series), 2019, clay + projection mapping, 14' x 7' x 3in