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Polis HQ

LEDs, c++, motors, spray paint

You've seen them in coffee shops, you've seen them at bars, but now, for the first time in Austin, the Polis boys and girls bring you the Artist PETTING ZOO! Come meet your local Austin artists face to face and sleep easy knowing that, with your kindness and patronage, they can eat at night.

411 Tillery St

(817) 456-5171  /  bruce@polis.tv  /  Instagram


Image 1

Ambedo Beta, 2018, Neon LED rope, C++ code, costumes, electronics, cedar steel, 3D printed objects, 144 x 600 x 1800in

Image 2

Our Space, 2019, Mixed media, 16 x 22 x 80'

Image 3

The Bookshelf, 2019, steel, cedar, neon led rope, c++ code, electronics, solar panels, 10'x6'x20'