406. James Felton Graham

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Wood, metal


So much wood, so little time. This furniture builder/maker finds himself more than just a little interested in the bits and pieces, strips and chunks otherwise known as the 'drop' of the shop. This borderline obsession has inspired experiments in sculptural wall panels, home items and intricate veneers.

3508 E Cesar Chavez St

(512) 987-9595  /  james@jfeltondesign.com  /  jfeltondesign.com  /  Instagram  /  Facebook


Image 1

Landscape, 2019, Wood, 16 x 21 x 1.5in

Image 2

Crossing Paths, 2019, Endgrain wood veneers, 2.5 x 4 x .625in

Image 3

Pick-Up Sticks, 2019, wood inlayed in plywood, 8.125in x 16.625in x .75in

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