405. Matthew Hedgepath-Smith

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I design and build fine furniture from solid wood, using traditional and modern techniques. My goal is to create things that honor and reflect the material being used, as well the space in which it will inhabit.

3508 E Cesar Chavez St

(713) 447-1153  /  hedgepathwoodworks@gmail.com  /  hedgepathwoodworks.com  /  Instagram


Image 1

Sofa, 2018, Pear, maple, foam, fabric, 31 x 81 x 27in

Image 2

Dining Table, 2019, Cedar elm, brass, 29.75 x 36 x 36in

Image 3

Coffee Table, 2019, pecan, brass, 16.5in x 41.5in x 13.25in

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