404. Alexander Lohn

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Wood, danish cord, rush


Alexander first received a degree in architecture, and then went on to pursue a life of prayer as a Franciscan Friar. Neither being a right fit, he was moved to pursue woodworking and furniture design. This past winter he attended the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine, and received second place in seating at the AWFS fair in Las Vegas.

3508 E Cesar Chavez St

(973) 513-3992  /  alexander@alessandroandmaria.com  /  alessandroandmaria.com  /  Instagram


Image 1

Maritza's Bench, 2018, Hard maple, danish cord, 17 x 54 x 14in

Image 2

Beacon Mirror, 2019, Oak and mirror glass, 36in

Image 3

Beacon Table, 2019, Oak, 30in x 40in x 40in

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