388. Sarah Hirneisen

Splinter Group

Resin, concrete, textiles, paper, wood


Sarah Hirneisen uses three-dimensional materials and processes to elevate everyday objects. Her work confronts gender stereotypes and the associations society typically makes with certain consumer goods. Breaking apart these objects, she creates a series of components that combine to become hybrid versions of the originals. Transformed through both traditional and nontraditional materials and processes, the works become a gender mash-up.

3508 E Cesar Chavez St

sarah.hirneisen@gmail.com  /  sarahhirneisen.com  /  Instagram  /  Facebook


Image 1

Rock the Cradle, 2018, Plaster, tracing paper, resin, steel, 52 x 34 x 20

Image 2

Build/Bake, 2016, Plaster, fiberglass, resin, paper, rope, steel, 10 x 16 x 5in

Image 3

Safety Clutches, 2017, Concrete, wood, rope, 10inh x 8inw x 2ind

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