383. CRAFT Artists League

Rebecca Brink, Cara deDominicis, Chris Gomez, Katie Heiselberg, Matt Jeanes, Elena Knapp, Abi Mallick, Amy McCullough, Madeline Meehan, Julie Pelaez, Bethany Solonika, Tina Williams, Eli Winkelman

Paint, Japanese fabric, fiber, wood, clay, ink

CRAFT is like a gym, but for making stuff instead of working out. We, the CRAFT Artists League, are teachers and maker members at CRAFT. Despite different mediums and styles, we all came together because we believe that everyone can and should be creative. During EAST, we'll share our finished pieces and work on our art.

4620 E Cesar Chavez St  /  In the back

(512) 900-9957  /  Instagram  /  Facebook


Image 1

All Together Now, 2019, Fiber, alcohol, ink, clay, perlers, watercolor, Dimensions variable

Image 2

All Together Now, 2019, Alcohol inks, n/a

Image 3

The Frame, 2019, spray paint, huge! step into the art!