380. Katie Dunkle

The Brewer's Table

Gouache, ink, pastel, watercolor


Katie is a contemporary artist working in continuous line contour drawings. On display is her long-standing body of work Girls which visually probes the indulgence of desire and identity through erotic paintings of female figures. Secondary body of work, Flowers portrays crisply-rendered, vibrant illustrations inspired by in-field observation at America's National Parks, and interpretations of wildflowers seen in her garden.

4715 E 5th St

kdunkle89@gmail.com  /  kdunkle.com  /  Instagram


Image 1

Oyster Mushroom, 2019, Watercolor, ink, 12 x 9in

Image 2

Juno, 2019, Watercolor, ink, 11 x 14in

Image 3

Orchids, 2017, Mixed media, 18x24