378. Victoria Michelle Gottschlich

Cloud Tree Studios & Gallery

Silver, gold, stones


Victoria Michelle Gottschlich is a full time studio artist in Austin, Texas. Her current work is focused on bringing ancient granulation techniques into the 21st century and creating her own version of contemporary granulation. She strives to push the boundaries and capabilities of metal while creating one of a kind pieces of wearable art.

3411 E 5th St

victoria@victoriamjewelry.com  /  victoriamjewelry.com  /  Instagram


Image 1

DOUBLE SPIRAL DOODLE RING, 2019, Argentium silver, .75 x .75 x .75in

Image 2

STARBURST DOODLE EARRINGS, 2019, Argentium silver, 1cm x 1cm x 2cm

Image 3

DOODLE CHARM BRACELET, 2019, argentium silver, 1cm x 7.5inch x 1cm

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