376. Anna Gieselman

Cloud Tree Studios & Gallery

Bronze, sterling, semi-precious stones, resin


Anna Gieselman is an artist and urban beekeeper interested in exploring the intersection of art and activism with a focus on bees. Her work aims to draw attention to the fragile, mysterious, untold power of honey bees and the unconsidered importance they play in our lives and the sustainability of the planet.

3411 E 5th St

anna@beeamour.com  /  beeamour.com  /  Instagram  /  Facebook


Image 1

Honey Drop Earrings, 2018, Bronze, sterling, 1 x .5 x .25in

Image 2

La Reyna Pendant, 2018, Sterling, resin, bee, flower, 2inx1.5inx1cm

Image 3

Cast Honeycomb Wrap Bracelet, 2019, bronze, leather, n/a

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