374. Lucas Aoki

Cloud Tree Studios & Gallery

Oil, acrylic, mixed, media


Lucas is a painter and muralist born and raised in Argentina. He creates mysterious, wonder-filled worlds with strong elements of surrealism and fantasy, that can range from playful to dark. Nature inspires his usually textured and colorful scenes, in which his one-of-a-kind creatures captures the heart of the viewer.

3411 E 5th St

(512) 351-6957  /  lucasaoki@gmail.com  /  lucasaoki.com  /  Instagram  /  Facebook  /  Twitter


Image 1

Inner Twine, 2018, Oil on canvas, 36 x 72 x 2in

Image 2

Sin Retorno, 2017, Latex, spray paint, 28'x38'

Image 3

El Protector De Inocentes, 2016, oil con wood board, 28''x28''

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