367. Recspec Ramble

Eva Claycomb, Mike Combs, Graham Franciose, Lance McMahan, Heather Sundquist-Hall, Hallie Rose Taylor

Kinda Tropical

Collage, gouache, watercolor, ink, risograph

Recspec Gallery has been displaced by the ever-changing landscape of Austin, and as a result, we've been ramblin'. We've asked 6 of our regular artists to join us on our adventures for a pop-up gallery hosted by our friends at Kinda Tropical.

3501 E 7th St

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Image 1

Graham Franciose, Abandoned, 2019, Watercolor on coffee stained paper, 16 x 12in

Image 2

A Message Landed, 2019, Risograph print, 11 x 11in

Image 3

Uncracked, 2019, gouache on found papeR, 25in x 25in