353. Toni Toscano

Createscape Coworking

Digital photography


My latest collection - Horizons - is a series of abstract landscape photographs that explore the idea of embracing obscurity. The degree of abstraction pushes each scene towards a sense of serenity or chaos while the horizon and a few recognizable details tether each to reality. The obscured quality is reminiscent of distant memories, dreams, or moments blinded by uncertainty.

701 Tillery St, #12

(530) 391-7855  /  tonittoscano@gmail.com  /  tonitoscano.com  /  Instagram


Image 1

Port O'Connor 4, 2019, Digital photograph, 24 x 16in

Image 2

Port O'Connor 1, 2019, Digital photography, 48 x 32in

Image 3

West Texas 2, 2019, digital photography, 24x16

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