343. Charlie Broadbent



I design and build sculptural furniture. I love evocative art and furniture, and I strive to make pieces that blend tradition and innovation, comfort and tension, whimsy and elegance. Pieces on display and for sale include tables, shelves, and lamps.

3303 Thompson St

(978) 793-3064  /  charliembroadbent@gmail.com  /  imgur.com/user/charliembroadbent  /  Instagram


Image 1

The Mother Onion Ship, 2017, Cherrywood, tempered glass, 26 x 22in

Image 2

Sculptural wall hung shelf, 2018, Wood (maple and jatoba), 34 x 22in

Image 3

Sculptural lamp, 2018, wood (sapele and poplar), 22in x 6in