335. Partial Shade presents A Pit Fire

Jesse Cline, Michael Muelhaupt, Rachael Starbuck

Co-Lab Projects / Glissman Road

Clay, fire, wood, dirt, paper

Partial Shade and Co-Lab Projects present an exhibition in two parts. The first weekend of EAST will consist of a communal pit fire, followed by an exhibition of the resulting ceramic objects the second weekend. Creating a parallel to Partial Shade's larger curatorial practice, the objects on view embody the unpredictability and chance inherent to working in an outdoor space. For more information about Partial Shade visit www.partialshade.info and @partial_shade on instagram.

5419 Glissman Rd

(512) 300-8217  /  info@co-labprojects.org  /  co-labprojects.org  /  Instagram  /  Facebook  /  Twitter


Image 1

Michael Muelhaupt, Promo image 1, 2019, Photograph, Dimensions variable

Image 2

Promo Image 2, 2019, Photograph, Variable

Image 3

Promo image 3, 2019, Photograph, Variable