296. Elizabeth Schwaiger


Oil, acrylic, ink, watercolor


Schwaiger, based in Austin and Brooklyn, produces paintings and research-driven exhibitions revolving around ideas of ritual, reflection and the uncanny, as well as abstracted interpretations of political and interpersonal power differentials. This year she completed a residency at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation estate in Captiva, Florida.

916 Springdale Rd, Bldg 1, #206

studio@elizabethschwaiger.com  /  elizabethschwaiger.com  /  Instagram


Image 1

Enough Water, 2019, Oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink on canvas, 56 x 65in

Image 2

Blue Tide, 2019, Oil, acrylic, ink, on canvas, 41 x 58in

Image 3

Houseplant Reddening, 2018, acrylic, watercolor, ink on canvas, 45 x 55 in

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