252. Colin McIntyre

Dimension Gallery

Forged steel, nickel plate


Colin McIntyre's upcoming exhibition, Systema Praeternaturae, features new work from the ongoing Organism Series, a series of works that explore imagined lifeforms with varied morphology. These works are inspired by taxonomy, the system in biology of classifying species based on their traits. These sinuous, flowing forms are forged in steel with a range of finishes.

979 Springdale Rd, #98

(512) 479-9941  /  colin@sculptureforge.com  /  sculptureforge.com  /  Instagram  /  Facebook


Image 1

Organism: Specimen 10, 2018, Forged steel, nickel plate, 36 x 8 x 10in

Image 2

Organism: Specimen 112018Forged steel, nickel plate30''x6''x8''

Image 3

Organism: Specimen 122018Forged steel, nickel plate3''x12''x12''

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