251. Dimension Gallery Sculpture Park

Tom Bandage, Colby Brinkman, Roger Bruce Colombik, Jonas Criscoe, Rachel David, Sarah Heath, Andrew Light, Zach Lihatsch, Sun McColgin, Colin McIntyre, Steve Parker, Cat Quintanilla, Kevin Stanford, Haley Woodward, GD Wright, Suzanne Wyss

Steel, concrete, wood, fabric, stone

Now in its third year, the Dimension Gallery Sculpture Park, has a new home across the street from the gallery at 950 Springdale Rd. The new site is an expansive tree-shaded park that features 17 large scale works. Picnic tables among the sculptures make it the perfect spot to see art and take a break on the tour.

950 Springdale Rd

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Image 1

Featherhorn, 2016, Forged steel, wood, 144 x 84 x 24in

Image 2

Tangle2019Steel, concrete12'x3'x3'

Image 3

Bent Figure2016Fabric, steel, stuffing14'x8'x3'