245. Chet Urban

Magnus U1

Wood, fiber, PVC, acrylic, paper


I express my ideas in minimal ways but they are not Minimalist. My work acknowledges the human being in existence and in spirit. I seek to engage the viewer at a most fundamental level in the hope that one may experience him or herself beyond the image or object viewed which is merely a point of entry or departure.

3710 Govalle Ave, #1

cheturban@gmail.com  /  cheturban.com  /  Instagram


Image 1

Reclining Form, 2005, Wood, paint, 72 x 111.25 x 42in

Image 2

Stripped Past (red), 2019, Wood, steel, 48 x 48 x 1in

Image 3

Blue Quilt (harvey), 2019, pvc fiber, paint, epoxy, 60in x 60in

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