243. Magnus U1

Reed Anderson, James Ferarro, Tressa Gilmer, Traci Goudie, Shaina Hedlund, Scott Perez, Joshua Ross, Matthew Ross, Sean Ross, John Sheedy, Chet Urban, Jean Pierre Verdijo

Wood, rubio, sandpaper

Originally built 90 years ago, Magnus tiny house has moved from one foundation to another around central Texas. Magnus is a living space, a collaboration over almost a century, of upkeep and design by each generation inhabiting it. Now, in my care, it's midway through another cycle of addition and subtraction. In this state it's the most honest and beautiful.

3710 Govalle Ave, #1

(360) 510-8800  /  matthew@rocketsoul.com  /  Instagram


Image 1

Shaina Hedlund, Yellow, 2019, Photograph, latex, 36 x 24in

Image 2

Huntinton Fish, 2019, Photograph, 11.5 x 8in

Image 3

Tiger Lord, 2017, paper, pastel, 24in x 18in

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