241. Vision Gland

Ryan A. Adams, Craig Burke, Terry Garrity, Chris Lyons, Danielle McDaniel, Kami Wilt, Tim Ziegler

Austin Tinkering School

Wood, paint, fabric, technology

Vision Gland is an art collective that builds large-scale interactive art installations. An operating principle of this group is that discovery through play shouldn't only be for children (though children love our installations too).

1122 Airport Blvd, A

(512) 579-6169  /  info@austintinkeringschool.com  /  visiongland.com  /  Instagram  /  Facebook


Image 1

Art-making hamster wheel, 2019, Wood, wheels, oil pastel, 84 x 84in

Image 2

Artifactory Gallery, 2019, Wood, lights, paint, metal, 8 x 8'

Image 3

Robot Room, 2019, papier mache, 5' x 5'

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