226. Kara Pendl

Karacotta Ceramics / Broad Studios / Springdale General

Porcelain, copper, gold, wood, flowers


Karacotta Ceramics are foremost designed with functionality in mind; each piece is handmade through a multi-day process, to achieve a look that's simple, modern, and organic. To Kara, clay is a fascinating medium because it holds so much memory, history, and legacy - it is naturally of the earth and soil, which we will all go back to at some point.

1023 Springdale Rd, 6D

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Image 1

Porcelain Abalone Shells, 2019, Porcelain, 22K gold, 1 x 3 x 5in

Image 2

porcelain dinner plates, 2019, Porcelain, 0.5 x 9in

Image 3

Porcelain Bowl, 2019, porcelain, 2x5

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