223. Margot Wolf

Wolf Collective / Springdale General

Gold, silver, bronze, diamond, sapphire


Sustainable, artisan jewelry handcrafted for those with a strong sense of personal expression. Margot Wolf's style is true to her southwest roots with a raw edge and elevated, modern twist. Each piece is lovingly made with utmost attention to craftsmanship and design using traditional metalsmithing and lost wax casting techniques in our Austin studio and showroom.

1023 Springdale Rd, 6C

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Image 1

Illuminare ring, 2019, 14K yellow gold with white diamonds, .375 x .75 x .75in

Image 2

Scorpion necklace + Spike necklace, 2019, Sterling silver, antique bronze, turquoise, pyrite, 1 x 24in

Image 3

Large Scorpion with Sapphire necklace + Cholla Cactus ring, 2019, sterling silver, antique bronze, sapphire, 1 3/8in x 30in

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