220. Nora McMillen Burke

Whitebox / Springdale General

Watercolor, oil, dye, canvas, paper


My paintings explore the value of symbolism in textiles and folk art. I am inspired when finding common themes in different cultures' use of symbols, such as protection from evil, power, fertility and the tree of life. I work primarily with watercolors, combined with marbling techniques, and often use resist processes on paper and canvas that evokes Batik.

1023 Springdale Rd, 6A

(512) 917-0761  /  noramcmillen@yahoo.com  /  noramcmillenburke.com  /  Instagram


Image 1

Prismatic Hunter/Gatherer, 2019, Watercolor on canvas, 36 x 36in

Image 2

Hill Country Brocade, 2019, Oil and dye on canvas, 24 x 30in

Image 3

Hand Stitched Toran, 2019, Watercolor on Canvas, 24x36

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