219. Ryan Runcie

Capitol View Arts / Creative Action / Springdale General



Being a bi-racial, American I have found that I am not immune to judgment. To counter these thoughts, I employ tenuously balanced colors that pulls viewers in, asking them to see with new eyes. It is meant to be a comforting blur of social lines and gives us permission to engage often temperamental questions with a lighthearted initiation.

1023 Springdale Rd, 3A

(713) 204-5667  /  ryan.runcie@gmail.com  /  runciestudios.com  /  Instagram  /  Facebook


Image 1

Disbelief, 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48in

Image 2

As She Dreams, 2018, Acrylic on canvas panel, 12 x 12in

Image 3

Tessa Rae, 2018, acrylic paint on canvas panel, 12in x 12in

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