208. Ismael Cavazos

Ink drawings, breadclips, peanutcarvings, beveragecans


The embryo of a peanut resembles the hooded head and beard of an old man. By carving a body 15 years ago, the character Old Man in the Peanut was born, following in the tradition of seeing faces in electrical outlets, the clouds, and the Man-in-the-Moon. With no limit to mediums, this year explores bread clips and beverage cans.

1157 Lott Ave

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Image 1

Bread Clip Basquiat (No. 48), 2019, Digital collage on paper on plastic bread clip, .75 x .75 x .5in

Image 2

Seated Sage On Pedestal, 2019, Peanut carving on penny, .75 x .75 x .25in

Image 3

The Tracker, 2019, digital drawing on paper, 12in x 12in