207. Nina Swistel

Studio Cube

Recycled plastics, resin, plaster, wood


Nina Swistel is a multi-media sculptor and installation artist. She explores sustainability as conceptual art, and builds sculpture that visually stimulates the mass consumption of plastic in our society, while making references to images of nature. Swistel's installations are made mostly out of donated plastics from institutions and waste facilities. Swistel also uses themes of feminism and the internet.

1126 Terry Dr, A

(917) 696-0494  /  ninaswistel@gmail.com  /  ninaswistel.com  /  Instagram  /  Facebook


Image 1

Blue Vortex, 2018, Recycled plastic bags, resin, 36 x 132in

Image 2

inPlastic Moon IIin, 2019, Recycled plastic items, resin on MDF wood, 2' x 2'

Image 3

inHDPE TREEin, 2017, Recycled plastic bottles, straws and caps. Resin and various glues., 9' x 6'