181. Stephen Hernandez

Fancy Fancy Studios and Gallery / Bolm Studios

Asus Zenbook 3 UX390U, new media


The work examines the relationship between contemporary cultural messages and the New Media by which it becomes expressed. By understanding the progression of art/technology through generational adaption we can recognize their continuing effect on communication; like how fine art or memes produce distinct responses with each motif depicted. This creates new insights via visual connections across diverse cultures and sub-cultures.

5305 Bolm Rd, Bay 9

(832) 474-5883  /  smhtx.us@gmail.com  /  smhtx.us  /  Instagram


Image 1

TOGETHER, 2019, Digital, 1:1

Image 2

I LOVE HOW I LOVE YOU, 2019, Digital video, 1000px x1000px

Image 3

ROOM 4 2, 2019, digital, 2000px x 2000px

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