164. Stray Cat Collective

Photographic print, video projection, gender

Stray Cat Collective is a cooperative of artists and agrarians sharing a house in east Austin. Focused around local agriculture and collaborative art projects, SCC hosts regular dinners, backyard drag shows, and art evenings for the physically and inspirationally hungry. Come join us for food, art, and performance! (note - please park on Deloney!)

3702 Commerce St

(512) 363-7541  /  lucyellis43@gmail.com  /  Instagram


Image 1

Miranda Vistkatis, Hands, 2019, Print photograph, 8 x 11in

Image 2

New Mexico Branding, 2018, Digital photograph, 16 x 22in

Image 3

Jack Lope - Whatcha Gonna Do / Save A Cowboy, 2019, performance, 12x6x6'