162. Heather Harris  /  Guest of Wendy Crone

East Atomic Ranch

Photos on canvas, acrylic, steel


My art is about connections. When people view my art, they don't always see the connection between the image and frame. As they view my work, I love that moment when their eyes light up. I know that they understand. When they are lost in private thoughts and emotions creating a memory, I know we will share a connection forever.

3204 E 14th 1/2 St

(512) 577-2787  /  heatherharrisart@gmail.com  /  heatherharrisart.com  /  Instagram  /  Facebook  /  Twitter


Image 1

Chi-Town Sunrise, 2019, Mixed media, 48 x 48 x 3in

Image 2

MiCamino Day 4: Along the Rio Arga, 2018, Mixed media, 22 x 26 x 3in

Image 3

MiCamino Day 13: Magical Poppy Field, 2018, mixed-media, 20in x 50in x 3in

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