146. Nicola Gell

The Cathedral

Acrylic, watercolor, wood, resin, photography


Nicola Gell is an artist and photographer. She often uses paint, resin, and occasionally alternative process photography within her work. She heavily explores color in an array of subjects from the female form to wild animals, and many of her works are made large-scale.

2403 E 16th St

(512) 949-9906  /  nicolagell@gmail.com  /  nicolagell.com  /  Instagram  /  Facebook


Image 1

Insouciance, 2018, Acrylic, India ink on wood sealed in resin, 24 x 48in

Image 2

Never Done, 2019, Acrylic paint, watercolor, mica powder, resin on wood., 48 x 36in

Image 3

Lucky Number Eight, 2019, watercolor, paper, mica powder, resin on canvas, 18in x 14in

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