144. Eryn Brooke

The Cathedral

Paper, paint, fabric, photography, thread


Eryn Brooke is a modern mixed media artist who works with different textures across film, costume, photography and collage to infuse the ordinary with the extraordinary. Her art has appeared in the Netflix Emmy-nominated series 'Special', Album art, music videos, atxGALS and has been a featured guest artist at events inspiring young woman in film and art.

2403 E 16th St

(972) 567-6210  /  erynact@yahoo.com  /  erynbrooke.com  /  Instagram  /  Facebook


Image 1

Till death do we part, 2019, Mixed media paper collage, thread, 36 x 24in

Image 2

Sail Away, 2018, Paper and photo collage hand tinted, 24 x 12in

Image 3

What we put out there..., 2019, Mixed media paper collage, 20 x 20

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