143. Rahya Blackwell

The Cathedral

14K yellow gold and silver rhodium over brass

Rahya Jewelry Design was created with the strong influence of nature and organic form. Rahya's unique vision and strong aesthetic is translated into each Collection. Influenced by mid-century modern design, her jewelry captures timeless composition and celebrates simplicity and integration with nature.

2403 E 16th St

(512) 643-3367  /  contact@rahya.com  /  rahya.com  /  Instagram  /  Facebook


Image 1

Ellie Statement Earrings, 2019, 14K yellow gold plated brass, 2 x 1in

Image 2

Sage Stud Earrings, 2019, 14k yellow gold plated brass, 1 x 1in

Image 3

Cane Earrings in Gold, 2019, 14k yellow gold plated brass, 3in x 2in

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