135. Where Trees Split

Nat Brad, Lyndsie DeCologero, Gigi Grinstad, Tsz Kam, Jack Ollie Smith, Annie Wells, Yellow Rose Silver

The Little Pink Monster Gallery

Acrylic, embroidery, encaustic, satin, sterling

The surface of a vibrating body that is free or relatively free. A point on a stem at which a leaf is inserted. A point at which a curve intersects itself in such a manner that each branch has a different tangent. Seven artists explore connection and difference in a group show that includes painting, encaustic, textile, installation and jewelry.

1913 E 17th St

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Image 1

Tsz Kam and Nat Bradley, Csxuum, 2019, Acrylic on cotton, satin, 44 x 34in

Image 2

Citrus and Yellow Snake, 2019, Oils, encaustic, 18 x 18in

Image 3

Untitled, 2019, Sterling, Turquoise, 2in x 1.4in