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Greg Foley, Rick Griffith, Dev Harlan, Prem Krishnamurphy, Mother of God, Tigress Tile, Transmountain Design, Elaine I-Ling Shen, Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong


Design, mixed media

Northern-Southern presents an exhibition of work from creative practices that overlap the cultures of art and design. Never outliers, just rarely discussed—hybrid art-design practices have blossomed in the twenty-first century. The show is a conversation about art-design as a profession shaped by contradictory pressures and motives. We attempt to find—and share—ways to talk about the ways we work now.

1902 E 12th St

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Image 1

Karel Martens, Untitled, 2015, Letterpress monoprint on found registration card, 6 x 4in

Image 2

Tigress Tile, Various Tiles, 2018, Ink on ceramic, 4 x 4in

Image 3

Greg Foley, patch, 2018, thread, 3in x 3in