117. Open Chair

Chuka Agbaraji, Moyo Oyelola, Tamar Price, Brittney Williams

The Projecto / Furman + Keil Architects

Wood, plexiglass, lights, paper

Open Chair recognizes the importance of creating spaces that lead to a sense of community and mutual discovery. Through our homage to past and present Austin, we hope to foster an entry point for minority Austinites to continue the audacity of visibility.

1211 E 11th St, #200

openchairatx@gmail.com  /  bit.ly/OpenChairEAST


Image 1

Moyo Oyelola, Reclaiming My Seat, 2019, Photo, paper, 36 x 48in

Image 2

Seat Taken, 2019, Photo, paper, 36 x 48in

Image 3

Don't Wanna Sit, 2019, Photo, Paper, 24 x 36

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