113. Kenny Dorham's Backyard

Tess Lynston, Ariel Ximenes, Alexander Westphal

Mannequins, vinyl, ink, coffee grounds

DiverseArts Culture Works at Kenny Dorham's Backyard Performing Arts Parks features artists that pursue the mission of presenting multidisciplinary artwork that mirrors the face of contemporary Austin. Featured artwork on display will be geometric string art sculpture, aquatint printmaking, quirky graphic design and illustration. Along with art exhibits enjoy live music and ethnic food.

1106 E 11th St

(817) 657-2676  /  awestphal@live.com


Image 1

Ariel Ximenes, Coffee Chamelon, 2019, Graphic illustration, 16 x 24in

Image 2

Whimsical Waterfall, 2015, Printmaking, 20 x 24in

Image 3

Neon Mannequin, 2019, Sculpture, 32x18x12